Monday, February 7, 2011

C4T Summary Post 1

Post 1

My Thoughts and Predictions on Grading Parents
By: Lee Kolbert

This post was about Lee’s predictions on how parents would be graded. She mentioned the extra work it would bring on teachers, but also mentioned to job opportunities it would create if it were actually passes by representatives. She said that parents would receive or lose points based on their interaction with their children and their children’s school. For example, they would receive 5 points for responding to emails or phone calls, and they may lose 5 points for doing their child’s homework.

Post 2

Protecting Reputations Online: A Lesson to Share and Then Create
By: Lee Kolbert

This post was about Lee making it very evident that what you post online can stick with you forever. She posted a video along with her post she felt we should make students watch so they will think twice before they post something that can ruin their reputation. She also mentioned making middle and high school students watch the video then form groups to make their own similar video.

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